10 Ways to get Engagement

Getting engagement from your audience can often be a difficult one. But, here are 10 simple ways to do just that.

1.Make people think

Evoking an emotional response from your audiences is a sure-fire way to get them to respond. Offer them new information that will teach them something or prompt them to ask questions.

2.Make people laugh

Build a personality. Don’t be one of those boring businesses with a very formal approach to their content. Humour shows that you are human. If you can make people laugh at your content, they’re more likely to share.

3.Learn basic photography skills.

We’re in a day and age where photography is more important than ever. Visuals are very important too.

Research about what makes a good photo (Leading lines, lighting, symmetry etc…). Make it interesting. This is particularly useful for Instagram, where excellent photos mean everything.

4.Engage with followers whenever you can

If you want others to engage with you, you should show your willingness to engage with them. Create a dialogue with them.

It’s good practice to engage with companies too.

5.Be precise

This is mostly aimed at Twitter as a platform. With a character limit, although it’s been extended to 280 characters, it isn’t always easy to write a whole bunch. So, keep it short, sweet and to the point.

Don’t be over-concise.

6.Cover a story in your own words

If there’s content out there that’s trending, and it’s also relevant to you and your business, write about it!

It’ll open a platform for discussion and perhaps provide new information to your followers. This is also an excellent opportunity to be controversial. Don’t agree with what’s being said? Good. Being controversial encourages different standpoints. People love their opinions.

7.Share content

Sharing content shows that you are an active member of the community.  It’ll encourage individuals to share more with you. It aids in building up a relationship. Meaning they are more likely to engage with you.

But, it also provides a fresh piece of content for your followers. If it’s relevant to what you do.

8.Challenge the status quo

Contradict already existing standpoints. Show them new information that may be unknown.

You could even question a long-standing belief that’s within your industry. Question things that no one else typically would.

9.Be surprising

Keep your content fresh. Share something that you wouldn’t usually share. By keeping your followers on their feet, they’re more likely to share and respond to your posts.


If your followers are active at 9 am, 5 pm and 8 pm. Those are the time frames in which you should post! They’ll be more likely to engage with what you have to offer.

Do you agree with out list? Is there anything else you think we missed out on? Let us know!

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