5 ways to vary your content

Content can be a tricky one, especially if you’re trying to attract an audience. But, here are some simple ways to make your content more appealing; for it to vary in style.

‘Tips and Tricks’

tips and tricks

Tips and tricks lists are a way to make your audiences lives easier. The theory behind it is to give your audience small bite-sized pieces of information. Information that is straight to the point and easily comprehensible.

It can come in the form of a list or even a step by step guide on a specific subject. You could think of them as “life hack”, so to speak.

But ultimately, they are an interesting thing to have. People are always looking for ways to better improve their circumstances. And, they may learn something that’s completely new from them.


video content

Videos are enticing. They require less comprehension and focus than your average blog post, which is a good thing. They are an excellent way to demonstrate a technique and chances are that the information will be retained more efficiently this way.

There’s also a higher possibility of it going viral and producing ROI from a video, in comparison to your average blog post.

Plus, Google really loves videos. This is because videos encourage users to stay on your website for longer. Producing longer sessions. You have higher chances of being on the first page of Google if you have a video embedded into your website. And, due to Google now owning Youtube, videos have become a more effective way to improve your search rankings.



Lists tend to go hand in hand with ‘Tips and Tricks’. Number each point and ensure that they stay small and concise. Create information that gets to the point. Marry visuals with this and you’ve created yourself an interesting piece of content.

They are an easy way to stay focused on the subject matter. Chances are, people are looking at your article, because of a purpose. They want quick and easy to read information without having to search through large amounts of text to find the solution.

Keep it short an sweet for audiences who are in a hurry.

‘A day in the life of…’

a day in the life

Allowing people an insight into your business is a great way to humanise your company. As I’ve said before, you want your audience to see that your content isn’t created by a robot, that in fact there’s a human behind the screen doing all the talking.

To make it more interesting, you could add pictures of yourself, the team and any events/social gatherings that take place!

Not only is it a fresh piece of content, but, it adds a bit of spice to your schedule. Keep your followers on their toes.

 Case Studies

case studiesThis may seem like a very basic one. But it does your company a world of good.

Showcasing what you’ve done and how you’ve overcome a problem, can put you in a great position of authority. It shows you can achieve things to a high standard no matter the complications that have arisen.

You are also able to showcase companies you have worked with. If they are a well-recognised brand, people will take you more seriously. It’s interesting to read about. Especially if you are a prospective customer.


Ultimately, it’s good practice to vary your content, keep your followers curious. The less predictable you are, the better. Otherwise, your content will become monotonous and disinteresting.

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