Business Mailing Address

Looking for a professional address to have your business mail sent to give that air of establishment, a regional office or to hide your home office setup?

A virtual office with No1 only costs £80.00 per year and from only 90p per piece of mail forwarded onto you.  Your customers will be impressed at the speed you receive all correspondence.  With options to collect the post at no additional cost or we can even open the post, scan it and email it over to you.  You are always in control with a No1 Virtual Office.

As the Home for Entrepreneurs, the No1 Business Centre can receive all sizes of parcels and consignments to support HMRC mailings and marketing rollouts to boxes of wholesale goods and boxes of printed items.

Business Mailing Notifications
No matter where you are in the world we can notify you by email, post or telephone.  We always communicate same day about the receipt of a piece of mail so you can reply with how you would like us to deal with it.

When can you use our address as your business correspondence address?
As soon as your application form has been processed and payment has been made your business stationery can display your presence at the No1 Business Centre.

Will we send postal items abroad?
Absolutely.  Once registered we can forward mail on as we get it or in batches to anywhere in the world.

What do I need to apply for a Business Mailing Address at No1?
One application form, 2 forms of i.d. and £80 +vat and we are all good to go for 12 months.

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