Co-working works

We knew it would work. Co-working or hotdesking to some is a growing trend and with the advent of even the likes of Deloitte are using the model for their new office builds.

Now for £15.00 per day why wouldn’t you want to work with like minded business owners?

Reading further online about the health benefits of coworking (yes, really!). We have created an environment for you to interact with others but for those deeper moments we have lots of quiet spaces to keep you in the right working zone.

Now we know reputations have to be built over time. But with great facilities, coffee and staff to help you run your business from the No1 Business Centre. We are fast becoming THE true home for Entrepreneurs.

We have seen startups and business registrations all starting to base themselves at the centre. This coupled with the creation of our networking events give all business owners a chance to meet new clients, we recommend very proud of what we have achieved.

We would live to hear your feedback about our co-working spaces and offerings. Give us a call today or book in online.

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