They all advertise free space but what are the benefits of co-working at No1?

Co-working or Hotdesking to some is on the rise in capacity all over the country with predicted trends of astronomical proportions from ‘those in the know’ however, we see no reason for people that choose to work from home to come and co-work so how do you entice the lone workers or self employed?

Taking that all business owners need to looking for new business and they need the most basic of business functions we have managed to build into our business centre the ability to come to free networking and speaking events.  We have also setup a bookkeeping service to help all accounts functions including payroll to keep the HMRC and the VAT man happy.

Hotdesking at No1 isn’t just about giving a place to work its coming to ‘the office’, being part of a community and working with the rest of the building to help grow your business.

We offer virtual office services to help base your business at No1 at some of the cheapest rates in the country.  Ultimately we want to you to be proud to have your business with us.

As I type we have a commodities buyer sat with a workstation specialist from Lenovo, we have training sessions from a business coach and meetings in rooms from tenants SF Planning and clients coming into to see Pearce IT to discuss IT requirements.

Coworking in Gloucester has changed with our arrival and no longer do you have to pay extortionate rates from international organisations or the flip side pay to sit in a damp basement paying over the odds to use someone else’s internet access.

Together we build the home for Entrepreneurs.

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