Digital Marketing Strategy: For Beginners.

Let’s imagine you’re in the market to start a new business. Getting it off the ground can be difficult, especially in the online world. You’ve got expertise in your field but struggle when it comes to online marketing.

This is where a digital marketing strategy comes into play. Of course, you’re here because you don’t have the budget for a professional, and you’re trying to teach yourself. A digital marketing strategy can be especially complex if you’ve no experience.

In this guide, for beginner’s, we’ll be looking at key factors to consider when planning a digital marketing strategy. These factors will include a Blog, Social Media, SEO, Web Design and PPC.

A Blog.

writing a blogA blog creates a connection between you and your audience. Discuss relevant topics that will intrigue your audience, write about your products and services, or even about current events that are relevant to your industry. You’ll be seen as perceptive and in touch with the world, and your customers.

It’s the perfect tool to build up a brand and a persona. By distinguishing your persona, you can build a bridge between you and your customers. This is done by creating useful and trustworthy content.

It’s also a good idea to optimise your blog by adding relevant keywords. Think like your customer. Add keywords to your blog that are relevant to how your customer would search for your information. The more detailed the better.

Social Media.

social media marketing strategyWhen it comes to your digital marketing strategy, social media is the most irreplaceable tool you can have access to. You could say that it is the centre of the internet. If you’re not utilising this within your strategy, then you may as well give up.

With a decent social media presence, you can build healthy relationships with your customers. Good relationships = loyalty. And, it’s an excellent place to engage with customers by answering their query’s and replying to their complaints. Being attentive toward your customers encourages their engagement.

But, most importantly, social media is used as a means building up your persona. Just like your blog will do. Inject personality into your brand by sharing funny tweets/facebook posts, GIFs and stories. If you can make people laugh, they will share.


seo search engine optimisation Optimising your online presence is key to becoming an authoritative page, organically. If you wish to be on the front page of Google, this is the way to go.

To do this, you must make sure that your content is rich with keywords. This allows Googles bots to determine if your content is relevant in relation to queries inputted by users.

You’re probably wondering how to gain access to keywords relevant to your target audience. We suggest Google AdWords. A free tool that helps you identify your most popular keywords.

From there you can utilise those keywords in your content. BUT, it is important to mention that when you write content the keywords must appear naturally. By this, we mean that Google will penalise you for packing in keywords for the sake of it. The same goes for link building.

Link building is essentially adding links to your content that give your content credibility and show you to be a trustworthy source. But they must merge with your content organically as mentioned.

Web Design.

responsive web design with good user experienceA good web design is key to a successful digital marketing strategy. If it isn’t easy to navigate and has a poor user experience, you will lose out.

You don’t want a complicated web design that confuses your customers. And, if they can’t find what they’re looking for then they will leave. Again, Google will penalise you for bad optimisation.

The same goes for mobile websites. If your website isn’t fully optimised for mobile users, you will lose authoritative status. This is especially important as 51% of users access the web via their mobile phones.


PPCThis is the best way to directly connect with your audience.

The best thing about PPC is that you can have complete control over your budget. It enables you to alter how much you want to spend on an advert. So, if your budget isn’t huge you can create an advertisement that suits your pocket.

Other benefits of having PPC is that you can be specific with your advertising. You can decide when you want your advert to show and where. For example, your company is based in Brighton and you target mothers that are home between the hours of 12 PM- 3 PM. You can design your advertisements around these factors, so they are more likely to see them and engage.

Don’t underlook PPC as a part of your digital marketing strategy.

If you are an entrepreneur going it alone with your digital marketing strategy, it is vitally important that you always include the points above. This way, you can ensure that you are maximising your campaigns to the best of your ability!

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