A Focus on creativity

A Case Study if you will.

Being based in a home for Entrepreneurs at the No1 Business Centre, Gloucester. I have found that by pulling all these businesses under one roof has created some great opportunities for business.  As I write this we have a Fulfilment Company, a freight forwarder, a design agency, a printer, a software developer, a bookkeeping firm and industry regulator and a corporate newsdesk all coming together under one roof to entice and service clients their own way.

But even after 3 months of being live we are already building an cutting-edge courier tool that will work from an app and online to potentially revolutionise the same day and next day courier route across. We have a discussion around another Association being born under our roof and the current Association of Serviced Apartment Providers has started using the corporate newsdesk to transmit industry news to their members and industry peers. We have a cleaning firm moving into the retail unit which will bring a new launderette to the area of Kingsholm in Gloucester.

I wonder what the next 12 months shall bring! We are truly the home for Entrepreneurs.

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