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SEO can do wonders for your business. But, are you taking the necessary steps to make it worthwhile? If not, here is a list of things you can do, to strengthen your position on Googles search engine.

Shorten your Domain

Ensuring your domain name is short and sweet, means that it is easy to remember and that your audience can determine what you do, easily. Not only that, Google will be more favourable towards your website.

Shorten URLs

Make sure that you shorten your URLs. It ensures that the organisation of your website is easier. Shorten lengthy titles to something easier to read. Instead of /10-ways-improve-your-SEO, change it to /improve-SEO.

Check usability

Check that your website is working on all devices and browsers. Usability is very important for your audience. If it doesn’t work correctly, your SEO will lack and so will user retention.

Mobile Optimisation

Optimise your website for mobile. Phones are used to access the internet more than ever nowadays. Better user experience means that there will be fewer bounce rates. Make sure that you alter the layout and keep it simple, so it’s easily used.


Improve website navigation. If your users can get around your website with ease, then you’re on the way to success. Keep it organised, make the menus accessible and make sure everything is clickable. If your website lacks any of they key features, you’re losing yourself money.

Authoritative Sources

Use highly authoritative sources in your content. If you can consolidate your knowledge and facts, your page will be trustworthy. Not only by Google but by your audiences too.


Format your images correctly. GIFs and JPEGs are your best choice. This is to ensure that they load properly on all devices and browsers. When you use the correct formatting for images it ensures that your website runs faster too.

Optimise existing searches

Optimise already existing questions. When you optimise the sort of questions your ideal audience is looking for, you manage to attract the attention of those who otherwise wouldn’t see you. But, don’t forget to optimise your website for repeat visitors. Give them incentives to keep returning for more.

Unique Content

Writing content on a subject that is unique and unlike any other, will boost your visibility in Googles search engine. Of course, that is easier said than done. But, once you’ve found your niche, it should be easy sailing from there.

Multimedia Content

Increase the authority of your page by adding multimedia content to your blog posts! They add authority to your website from a Google perspective, and they also increase engagement from your audience. This is because visuals like images and video require less comprehension.

Use successful content as criteria

Discover what has made your most popular content successful. Discover the techniques you used that made it stand out, in comparison to anything else you have created.

Once you’ve mastered that, replicate that formula

Social Media

Another key way of improving your SEO is by optimising your social media outlets. Fill them out in as much detail as possible. This won’t do much for the ranking of your domain, but you will be building a good reputation for yourself.

Link Social Media

Make it easier for people to connect with you. Link all your social media platforms on anything and everything. Interlink your social media channels onto one another.


Create a Wikipedia page for your business and refer to it whenever you can. It can be a major SEO boost for your business.

Updating content

Update your content every couple of years. By updating your content, your website will become more authoritative. Don’t just change a couple of words on your homepage but rewrite it. Not only does it keep Google up to date, but your audience too.


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