Is it time to update your blog?

Blogs are an excellent way to create a buzz. But, if you fail to maintain that buzz, your popularity will soon fizzle out.

The question is: Have you ever stopped to think about whether your technique suits your audience and not just yourself?

How to know if your blog needs updating…

This is what you’re waiting for… is your blog in need of an update?

An abundance of text.

too much textIf your blog is created from text alone, no images, no videos, then you need a revamp. Users are attracted by visuals. I can’t say it enough, but visuals are the most important element of any piece of content.

They help individuals retain more information than text that stands alone. To be more precise, a study from the Social Science Research Network showed that 65% of people are visual learners. Information is more likely to hit home if it has relative images that coincide with what is being said.

 Repeating topics that already exist.

repeating content that already existsIf you’re constantly writing about the same topic repeatedly, in ‘different’ ways, then it’s time to consider reworking your blog.

It will become monotonous for your readers; you will become predictable. And, let’s face it, after a while, it will become hard to write about the same thing continuously. More importantly, it will become mind dulling.

Expanding upon what you write is the way to go! Give your audience something fresh to read. Otherwise, you’ll lose all engagement if it’s the same thing time after time. Your blog will end up outliving its usefulness.

Lack of a new perspective.

new perspectiveThis is very similar to rewriting content. Except, instead of writing the same thing repeatedly, you’re writing things that provide information that’s already out there.

If you’re not providing content that’s unique, what’s the point? If you’re able to find the solution to a problem on the front page of Google, that’s been written a billion times over by a billion-different people, are you really doing yourself justice? The answer is probably no.

Produce new content that’s unheard of. Stop focusing on content that’s already out there.


customer demandsDoes your blog meet the demands of your audience? Creating a blog post is more than writing some content and slapping some images into it. Audiences want multimedia content. Videos, images, GIFs.

User retention is an important factor. By adding in multimedia content, you create natural breaks. Breaks that are needed to keep users on your site. You want longer sessions on your website, right? Do more, to keep people there longer.

If your blog posts aren’t created to your target audience, then what are you doing? Remember it’s their interaction you want; their engagement you need. If you’re neglecting all these factors, you’re not doing yourself or your business justice and it’s time for a change.

How can I update my blog?

renovating your blogUpdating your blog can be a lengthy process. But to make things successful, it takes time and patience. Look at where your blog has its downfalls and try to improve it. Of course, that’s easier said than done.

Instead of backlogging through all your past posts and updating them to meet standards, focus how your attitude toward newer blog posts. Add multimedia pieces to bulk up your content and add interest.

Even better, acknowledge your alterations online. Make sure that your audience knows you’ve taken a new approach to your blog; that things are changing for the better, to suit their needs.

It’s also worthwhile to do your homework. What makes a good blog piece? You can’t master something out of thin air without having any background knowledge. Be mindful of what you’re producing and why you’re producing it. What’s your aim? Is it to produce conversions? Or is it to create a better brand persona online? Find what you want out of your blog posts and alter them accordingly.

Remember, a better blog means better engagement.

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