Is Twitter Dying?

Will Twitter diminish within the next several years?

It’s become evident that Twitter dwindling and isn’t performing as it used to. It’s lost over 2 Billion Dollar since 2011 and it doesn’t seem to be making a come back due to its inability to expand it reaches like it’s social media counter parts have done.

What will this mean? Well, the future for Twitter is unknown. No too long ago Twitter was a huge social media rival in the online world, but with its shares declining rapidly, who knows how long it’s got left. Rumours have been circulating that Twitter is up for sale, but it’s not for certain who may purchase the site. Will it be worth it? Who knows.

Twitter is failing to curate new users and keep them there and this is where they have their downfall. 44% of users deleted their accounts after not even making one post and there are only 310 Millions users that are active, in comparison to Facebook which has 1.2 Billion active users.

In its entire existence, Twitter has never once posted a profit. It’s not about making money necessarily but as long as you’re constantly growing and changing with the end goal of making money things should be successful. However, Twitter is doing neither.

Is time running out for Twitter? What do you think?

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