Keeping your business startup costs down with a virtual office

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Starting a business can be a liberating experience.  You are giving yourself the freedom to earn money using your skills and money without others seemly higher than you tell you what you need to do to justify your time and their money.

But once you have decided to set up a business (congratulations by the way), have you thought about how to get the best client perception for the least amount of spend?  Now, many will talk about getting your branding right and your service or products but let’s drill it right down.  Your business needs customers in order for you and it to survive. These customers need to trust in your processes and your product but don’t be fooled in thinking that they won’t check you out before purchasing or buying into your service.  Now we all know the art of professionalism is a moveable feast but give you and your business a chance by at least announcing your presence in a work environment that befits your business and no that’s, not your converted garage or home office.

A virtual office for your business needs to tell your potential customers that you are in a respectable working environment and that you are taking your business seriously in a professional environment.

Now I can’t speak for all virtual office providers but the location is one factor to choose for our business as you need to be in the right location for your clients to come and see you or think that you are close enough to service their needs. But there are huge price variances to think about when choosing a virtual office and as we all know the more you pay doesn’t always equate into a better service or offering.  You may have seen monthly offerings that are easy to swallow financially but do you understand the additional charges that can come with post forwarding or telephone answering services?

We see charges of up to £100 per month just to have a business registered at an address. Now in some cases, I’m sure it’s worth it as it is cheaper than renting an office.   But in most cases, £20-40 per month is the usual market average.

But allow us to think about this differently.  We run the ‘Home for Entrepreneurs’.  Our tenants have been enjoying our hospitality since August 2016 and we are proud to announce that we are full.  We think it’s because of the mentality of our staff and marketing that win over our clients as we are certainly not the cheapest but we do add the most value. Surely this is a home to be proud of for your business?

We are amongst the few in the country that charges a flat fee for a business to be registered at our location.  We give you access to all our networking events for free and give you priority for our meeting rooms when you want to book a space to meet a client.

How much does all this cost? Just £80.00 per year. We know, it’s good right! That’s why hundreds of businesses register with us every year without hassle and without a second thought. So when you’re looking to start a business and are looking for a virtual office. Spare a thought for us at the No1 Business Centre.

Want to know more about our virtual offices?  We would love to hear from you.  Why not give us a call today or fill in one of our enquiry forms and we will come straight back to you.


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Virtual Office Sign Up

Virtual Office Sign Up

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Two forms of ID are required to start your account We will need either a current drivers licence (card only) or Passport and a second form of ID to confirm your personal address detail such as a Utility Bill or Bank Statement less than 3 months old. Copies must be provided.

Maximum file size: 2.1MB

Maximum file size: 2.1MB

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