Looking to start up a business? Spare some thought about where your office is based

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It has been acceptable to work from home for over 20 years now as a consultant or a remote member of staff.  But there had always been an office hub, head office or place to call home for the business that is not a house in the middle of suburbia.

Now as we all know a lot of startup businesses are born with little or no cash but they have all the drive and enthusiasm to succeed.  So all help, advice and open doors are generally welcomed.  But if you are the lucky owner of a new business or are looking to start one.  Spare some time on reflecting on how your business could look straight out of the box if you had a virtual office?  Odd thought?  Not really.  We all like to think that social positioning and bias plays no part in opening doors for your personal or work goals. But sadly materialism is real and judgement is easy to come by.

A virtual office is cheaper than renting an office space and it provides you the right cover story or smoke and mirrors to look more established than you really are.  Most virtual office providers will offer additional services like mail forwarding, meeting room space and even co-working or hot-desking.

But how do you determine which virtual office service is best for you? Let’s start with the location.  Your ‘virtual’ office needs to be in a location that looks like a busy, vibrant hub for business and not some dodgy backwater. As it should be a home you are proud to base your business at.  You may want to be based near your target clients. Or you simply want a virtual office round the corner from your home.  Whatever the reason prospective clients will check you out and you should have a business home to be proud of.

The other factor is the price.  Virtual offices vary massively in the price for the same service as the location of the building hosting your business will vary in it’s overheads and desirability for businesses to be based there. But make sure you know what you’re paying for. A lot of virtual office providers charge monthly fees to be part of the service but make sure you are comfortable with the value you are getting for the money.  Some of the larger providers allow you to work from office sites all over the country for monthly fees which could suit some business owners.

At No1 we try to keep it simple.  We love start-up businesses and we offer a huge service for very little return as we are the Home for Entrepreneurs. All the usual mail-forwarding, Call answering and business address registration services are available all starting at just £80.00 per year.

That’s £80.00 to register your business at the home for all things entrepreneurial and with our huge range of events open to all businesses registered here. We give you opportunities to network, learn and grow your business.

How do you get the ball rolling?  Well with one simple enquiry form or a quick phone call to 01452 346835 we can help give your business a virtual office to be proud of.


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