Looking to start a business? Have a Serviced Office at No1

With over 4000 businesses starting up in Gloucestershire last year office space is at a premium. Serviced offices are limited.

Setting up your business with companies house and starting to trade from home is the right thing to do. But are you disciplined enough to work from home?

Consider your options. Working from a cafe works, but you need staff, where are they going to work from? And coffee gets expensive.

Let’s talk serviced offices.  Space of your own for you and your staff to work. Meeting rooms to meet your clients and interview your future stars. A serviced office at No1 gives you all the drinks you, your staff and clients need. All the meeting rooms spaces as part of the deal, car parking for you and your staff, and even a cleaner to make sure your workspace is presentable at all times.

You need internet access for your software tools, email and staff to communicate to the world.  We have a 350mbps connection into the building for zero lag, downtime, clear VOIP and video calls.

You don’t need the headache of business rates, utility bills, reception staff and building management. Your business is your skill set and ours is to look after you and your business environment.

A serviced office at No1 is one bill. An all-inclusive space which covers all eventualities.

Our contracts may not cause a question either.  We only look for 12 months commitment in most cases.

What are you waiting for? Come and see our Home for Entrepreneurs. We host networking meetings, workshops and training sessions to increase footfall into the building. Giving you opportunities to meet new contacts, gain skills and knowledge to enhance your offering.

Give us a call today on 01452 346835 to see what spaces we have available or fill in a form below.

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