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We’ve all faced a particular challenge in our lives. Especially if we’ve abandoned a career path in hopes of starting another. Here at No1, we aim to be the ‘Home for Entrepreneurs’ alike.

Starting off is difficult, but we provide you with the stepping stones to becoming a greater and stronger business, no matter your background. Whether it be Virtual Offices, Office Rental or Seminars. It’s our job to support you.

It simply isn’t the service we give you that makes you want to stay. But it’s the rapport we build with each and every tenant, whether it’s online or in person. Rather, it’s a goal of ours to make sure your entrepreneurship goes as smoothly as possible.

How do we make this happen we hear you ask? Let us tell you.

1. We offer you more than just a business. We offer Relationships.

Building up a relationship is key for us, especially in the business world. Afterall, we consider the No1 Business Centre to be your home away from home. We want you to be comfortable in your environment. That’s why our staff always make sure you feel more than just tenants or passers-by. Our staff go to the extra length to ensure that your post arrives on time; that all kitchen refreshments are replenished when and if you need them.

2. We promote your Business

Dealing with the unknown can often be daunting, but we’re here to make sure that your business is successful. That it is heard. Promoting your successes is what we are good at and it is our belief that without them, we aren’t victorious either. Therefore it is always a promise that we will aid you in boosting your firm’s awareness.

3. Extended number of businesses

Not only that, we have a plethora of businesses behind us to help assist you in furthering your company and what it stands for. We have an excellent creative team that specialises in creating branding, websites and print solutions for you. What’s even better is, you can progress your work onto our printing department and they can produce hard copies of your brand for you. From business cards, magazines, brochures to signs. It’s endless.

4. There are always events happening.

Don’t limit yourself. No1 holds plenty of events that help you showcase what you have to offer. An example of an event we hold is Laptop Friday, where likeminded businessfolk meet every week to co-work. You never know, you may meet that one person who will open doors for you and your operation.

5. Meeting rooms are always on offer for you.

Most importantly, we always have a space for you. Our meeting rooms are always on offer for you to hold that all important meeting. Give your client that good first impression, so you can close that deal you’ve been waiting for. It’s cheaper than renting an office space.

If that doesn’t convince you any further, then we don’t know what will.

But, if we’ve peaked your curiosity, then call us to learn more: 01452 346835.


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Maximum file size: 2.1MB

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