Virtual Address

What impression does your business address give to your potential or existing clients? Are you operating as a home-based business or perhaps from an address that does not quite conjure the right image? Are you considering opening a branch or office in a different area? Perhaps it is time to consider a virtual address service.

The right business address can reassure and provide peace of mind for new customers or clients to deal with you. If a potential customer can see you have a local or office based commercial address they can often feel there is a simple way to contact you in the unlikely event an issue arises after ordering from you. For example, when you personally buy online from a company you have never used do you check out who and where they are? If there is no contact address and information on who you are buying from do you still place your order? Perhaps your business is more face to face, out there meeting potential clients. When you hand over a business card or brochure does it have your address on it or a back up set of meeting rooms if the potential client wants to meet you?

There may also be a legal requirement for you to publish your address under certain circumstances, especially if your business is a limited company Businesses operating from home may not want to publicise their home address or the address may be very obviously residential. By using a virtual address their home address is only known to us and our central business addresses are clearly commercial premises.

If you operate from outside of the UK then a UK address can give you access to the UK market place. We can forward any mail received for you overseas. Our address can be used to give the impression you have a base in the local area of Gloucester, Gloucestershire or the Cotswolds. Many businesses find their customers chose them because they are local so a virtual address can offer this benefit.

The Inland Revenue require a limited company to have a registered address and if you don’t want to use your own home address this is a credible alternative. We can forward your mail to wherever you are subject to you being able to satisfy some basic identity checks. That way your virtual business address remains fixed regardless of where you are located.

Let No1 Business Centre, Gloucester help you register your virtual address. Click here to get more details.

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