Virtual Headquarters

The great thing about a virtual Headquarters is that you can decide where your business is based. Do you want an address Gloucester? Do your customers want to know or think you are local, then pick an address in Gloucester. Using a virtual address also means you get to keep your home address private.

There is little or no financial commitment to set up a virtual headquarters, most virtual office services won’t tie you in to long term contracts. The transparency means you will know up front what your monthly costs are going to be – excellent for managing start up cash flow. You’ll be up and running instantly – most virtual services can be activated the same day. It’s a very cost effective way to run your business as you have many benefits associated with a traditional office but none of the costs!

Should you choose to go down the route of a virtual office, you have access to a professional, multi skilled task force, ready for you to use. If you want somewhere to meet clients, choose a virtual provider which gives you access to different meeting rooms from something intimate, such as a 2-person meeting room, to mini conference room that will host 30 people. That way, clients can meet with you at your business address without any confusion and you have the scalability to grow with your business. Adding postal opening services and local telephone line for call forwarding can also help you be more efficient.

Virtual offices are much greener than a traditional office as you are not actually travelling to and from an office every day, so doing something helpful carbon-footprint wise. A virtual office is a good stepping stone before potentially making the move to a full-time office. And if the time comes when you do choose to move, you already have a relationship with an office provider who should be only too happy to help your transition from virtual to serviced office.

The world is your virtual office – one of the many benefits of not being physically based in an office means that within reason, you can run your business from anywhere in the world.  It also leads to better productivity as time management takes priority and tasks are completed more efficiently.

If No1 Business centre, Gloucester can help with virtual headquarters to provide registered offices, meeting spaces, co-working desks, training rooms, post opening services or local land line numbers then please click here for more information.

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