What's the definition of a Virtual Office?

A virtual office refers to a setup in which individuals or businesses utilise technology and digital tools to operate their businesses remotely while maintaining a professional image and presence. It is a flexible alternative to traditional physical office space, providing many of the essential services and functions of a physical office without the need for a dedicated physical location.

In a virtual office, employees or entrepreneurs can work from any location, such as their homes or co-working spaces, while still being able to access necessary resources and services to run their business effectively. The concept of a virtual office relies heavily on internet connectivity, communication tools, and cloud-based services to facilitate remote collaboration, communication, and business operations.

Virtual offices typically offer a range of services and features, which may include a professional business address for mail handling and business registration, phone and fax services with call forwarding and voicemail options, virtual receptionists or automated phone systems, meeting room or conference room access on-demand, mail forwarding or scanning services, and access to virtual collaboration and productivity tools.

The primary benefits of a virtual office include cost savings (as there is no need to lease or maintain a physical space), increased flexibility in terms of working hours and locations, and the ability to establish a professional business presence without the limitations of a specific geographic location. It is particularly beneficial for startups, remote teams, freelancers, and businesses that do not require a physical storefront or location to interact with clients or customers.


  • Same-day post-scanning and forwarding
  • Meeting Room access is available in 30-minute slots
  • Shared Car Parking
  • Hundreds of satisfied virtual office customers

While working remotely from your home may be the perfect solution for you, you will often need a professional space in which to meet clients. You can rent meeting rooms/training rooms at No1 in Gloucester for a wide range of time periods and rental prices. No one needs to know you have a virtual office.

Similarly, we work with businesses based in other countries. They use No1 as a Virtual Office site to base their UK operations and to enable them to trade in the UK. 

Virtual Office

Register your business at the No1 Home for Entrepreneurs
£ 80 Year (Exc. VAT)
  • Post and small parcels accepted
  • Post scanning from £1.00 per scan
  • Meeting Rooms Available
  • Google Local Listing Qualified
  • Same day Mail scanning and delivery notifications
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Two forms of ID are required to start your account We will need either a current drivers licence (card only) or Passport and a second form of ID to confirm your personal address detail such as a Utility Bill or Bank Statement less than 3 months old. Copies must be provided.

Maximum file size: 2.1MB

Maximum file size: 2.1MB

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A Virtual Office address with the No1 Business Centre can be a good idea for your business for several reasons:

  1. Professional image: Our Virtual Office address service can provide your business with a professional image, as it gives the impression of a physical location without the high cost associated with traditional office space.

  2. Cost-effective: Virtual Office addresses are cost-effective, as they are much cheaper than renting or leasing physical office space. This can be especially beneficial for small businesses or startups that have limited financial resources.

  3. Convenience: Our Virtual Office addresses can provide a convenient solution for businesses that do not require a physical location, as they can offer services such as mail handling, call forwarding, and meeting rooms on an as-needed basis.

  4. Flexibility: With a No1 Virtual Office address, you have the flexibility to work from anywhere while still having a professional address for your business. This can be especially beneficial for businesses that are run from home or for those that have employees who work remotely.

  5. Credibility: A Virtual Office address can add more credibility to your business by providing a prestigious business address in a desirable location, which can help to build trust with potential clients and partners.

Overall, a No1 Virtual Office address can be a good idea for your business if you want to create a professional image, save money on office space, enjoy convenience and flexibility, and add credibility to your business. At £80.00 per year to register your address at No1, you won’t find a better deal Nationwide.

Looking for a Registered Office Address for your business? We can help with that too. Hundreds choose to be based at No1, professional, discreet and affordable. Sign up today.

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