Why are Google updates important to your business?

The primary aim of Google is to provide the best user experience possible. They must ensure that content has relevancy and that it is authoritative, in relation to a question that is inputted by the user. And, updates are used to ensure that this remains a consistent factor.

However, these updates aren’t always made obvious. Google keeps them on the down-low. This is to ensure that the algorithms aren’t taken advantage of, to gain a superior ranking on the front page.

But why are these updates so important to businesses?

content for google algorithmsIf you want more visibility, you must first align with Googles algorithms. If your content is seen as relevant and authoritative in correlation to a query, you’re more likely to be an ample source. Boosting your ranking.

That’s easier said than done. Google doesn’t outline the criteria needed to meet their expectations. This is so content curators will always try to provide quality content, allowing them to be on the front page of Google. Call it an incentive, if you will.

This is what makes the updates so important to your business. If your content doesn’t meet standards set out by Google, you will lose your ranking. Diminishing your reputation and potentially leaving you on the dreaded second page of Google. No one wants to be there, all forgotten.

These updates are gradual, so, you have time to alter your techniques as they come into play. BUT, these updates are ambiguous. Writing content to suit Google, is based on speculation until you get it right.


In correlation with your business, updates are important for several things. Firstly, to optimise the quality of content that is created. Google only wants the best to be at the forefront of their page; to provide ample answers for its customers. If user experience ceases to exist, the platform will inevitably fail.

Secondly, updates provide a best practice. Writing in such a way that it is most effective for the user is what they need. Updates allow industries to stay focused and produce the best quality content they can. Especially if they strive to be on the front page of google.

And, Finally, updates ensure that necessary content is brought to the attention of the user. When users scour the internet for a solution, they want the best possible answer. It must relate to the question in the closet way possible. This is achieved by optimising your content to its maximum potential.

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