Why is Social Media good for business?

Social media can be made out to be the devil if something like the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica data-for-sale scandal erupts, or when MPs announce they abuse they receive online. But social media can be a very powerful tool for your business if used in the right way.

Instant response.

Instant Social Media Responses

One of the benefits of social media platforms is that responses can be instant. Telephone enquiries and emails can often be a long process. Businesses can take a while to answer the phone, or even a couple of days to reply to you through email.

But, by having a Facebook page, or a Twitter page, you can eliminate slow response time. You receive automatic notifications, so you’re aware of enquiries from people if they’ve messaged you or tagged you in something from the moment they’ve done so.

With a quick response time, you’re able to build trust with your customer and you can gratify them at the same time.

Brand Personality.

Social media is an excellent way to demonstrate your brand’s personality. As a medium it’s a very casual thing, so try and be yourself, natural and open, within your brand’s guidelines.

Crack some jokes, make people laugh, be bubbly with your posts. It shows that there’s a human being behind that screen, not a robot with the intent to kill all humans.

You can create a more personal experience, by connecting with your audience.


Brand Opportunities

Being active on social media means you can have immediate feedback. Ask them if their response was satisfactory and if they appreciated your response. It’s a quick way to learn where your strengths and weaknesses are.

Additionally, it’s an amazing opportunity to ask about what your audience wants. What do they want to hear from you? What is the most beneficial topic for them? Create a questionnaire, a competition or a poll, interpret that data and grow from it.

Additionally, platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, offer you the opportunity to connect with your audience individually. You can give them a unique experience by altering your message so it suits their wants and needs.


Building Brand Personality

Social media platforms are the place to go viral. Granted, the information must be new or something that is controversial to gain momentum. But once you’ve hit the ground running, you should be able to gain shares and likes, which in turn will lead to conversions.

Unique pieces of content are something you want to aim for. But being controversial is just as good. Evoking an emotion from your audience will encourage them to participate in a discussion.

If an individual feels a certain way about your piece of content then it’s a sure fire way to get momentum.


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