Seminars and Events.

What will be happening at No1 we hear you ask?

Over the next couple of weeks we will be hosting a bunch of useful and exciting events.

To begin with, we will be participating in our weekly event, Laptop Friday. The first two hours from 9:30 AM- 11:30 Am, will be FREE in exchange for non-perishable foods that can be contributed to the food bank. Be a part of something good and make someone’s life that little bit better! Click Here to receive a ticket and  participate.


Martin Croft will be holding a seminar on ‘Fearless Leadership‘. Martin works with business owners and leaders or senior managers in sectors such as Finance, Banking, Telecom, Aerospace and the Automotive sectors. His past career as an Engineer, Project Manager and Change manager in the corporate environment has lead him to sharing something simple and new in the field of human performance which is more powerful than anything he has seen before.

He says “I have come to realise that every person and business on the planet can understand the system behind human performance. It is within everyone’s grasp and with a deeper understanding, people think less and do more for themselves and those around them, they get more accomplished and live life – they thrive!

With simple conversation, I help people realise for themselves they can change their reality for the better in any situation – no matter what!

I turn every person into a leader, helping them realise how they can perform to their best and how they can get the best out of others.”

Click here for an opportunity to listen to Martin Croft speak.

Come and visit for a coffee and a tour.

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